eBookkeeping Services

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. It also changed the way businesss are operating in the world. Unlike traditional accounting firms who manage large volumes of paperwork bookkeeping but offer low transparency to their clients, we provides hassle-free, reliable online accounting and bookkeeping services.

Why choose our ebooking?

  • Paperless - ebookkeeping systems store all your business data and transactions on the cloud - a storage system online.

  • Safety & Security - Business records and books are prone to theft, unauthorized access, and unforeseen events such as fires and floods. However, bookkeeping online ensures safety provided you observe fundamental precautionary measures.

  • Accessibility - ebookkeeping allows you to access files, records, and reports easily and from anywhere.

  • Productivity - By using our ebookkeeping services, you will be relieved of the bookkeeping duties and can divert the time saved in more productive activities which are directly related to the revenue earning potential of the organization.

Which ebookkeeping platform we are using?

We are currently developing our own cloud-based ebookkeeping system. In the meantime, we can support the major online systems that you are using e.g. QuickBooks, Sage50 Cloud, NetSuite ERP, etc. We can even use Excel if you are not familiar with those systems.